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Long term shooting
(Long term time lapse)

- Long term time lapse shooting is one of our specialized fields which we've been developing for many years since its early days -

What is required in the system
We recently face to the requests for a long term time lapse shooting for more than a couple of months in a construction site very frequently. Long term time lapse is not easy. Obviously, unmanned system is required, and it should have a strong resistance against a heavy rain, wind, and change of the temperature. Also the solid and ridged physical stability is essential. In short, a reliable and strong system which never stops whatever happens during a long shooting term. The collection and the management of the data, and the maintenance of the equipment are also the keys. Especially if you need to get the high resolution image, the excellent system is needed even if you try to film the scene from inside of the building.

Our unique in-house developed shooting system
Our shooting system which meets all of these requirements is in-house developed based on many experiences, and is a concentration of know-how. We use a DSLR with a full-size CCD to provide a high definition images in 4K- 6K . The quality is extremely high enough for you to be satisfied with. Our system can work both inside, and outside of the building in the field where it rains and snows.
As we can check and download the images via internet everyday remotely, there is no possibility to recognize and is disappointed with a failure and loss of all the expected images at the end of the shooting term.
We are constantly developing new systems, and we even have a system run by solar energy for the shooting site where no AC power is available.

The best video processing is provided
The time lapse sequence being collected includes images shot in the morning and the afternoon, sunny day and rainy day, changes of the brightness due to the flow of the clouds in the sky, and this makes it really difficult to get the smooth video if you simply put them in a line for movie play. Special know-how is required to achieve a complete long-term time lapse movie, and it is impossible to get it within an extension of the normal time lapse movie. We have special know-hows and experiences to get it, and process it in a beautiful smooth sequence using a special software and technique. We will deliver to you a completed mp4/mov video file which is edited in desired size, speed and length.
If you need, we can show you intermediate video file at any time during the shooting period. This is possible because we check and download the data filed everyday via internet.

Compact & Simple shooting system is also in line
Recently, so-called action camera or web camera have gotten very popular, and they can film a time lapse video very easily. If the quality you need is good enough with them, the relative cost will be saved a lot. However, possibility would be limited with out resolving problems such as shooting for long hours continuously, shooting hours control in a day, flexible wide range setting of interval time, waterproof, and so on. We have developed and prepared a system resolving all of these problem to fill up the various requirement of customers. Please inquire us if you want a compromised shooting with a limited budget. DJI's OSMO ACTION is used. It's in 4K, and the quality is good enough for a general use, but as the lens is not be able to be changed, you need some compromise such as shooting angle, etc. It does no have the internet monitoring system, but as far as we have already experienced, no trouble has been reported. It is compact and light, so the installation is very easy. It is possible to check and download the data files at the shooting site connecting a cable to the PC. The system is small and light, so the installation is very easy.

Shooting system with a rain-proof cabinet. It has all the required units such as a ventilator, anti-dew heaters, timer controllers, CPU with internet connection radio system, and HDD for data back-up. (A separate control box is connected to this cabinet) AC power is supplied via power line cable . It has achieved to work without any single problem during more than a year in the field under the rain. full-size DSLR and wide angle zoom lens can be installed in the cabinet. (CANON EOS5DMKlll and EF16-35mm F2.8) Up to 6K sized high resolution image can be obtained.

This is a case for shooting the neighbor's construction site from a residence. A 50mm diameter steel scaffolding pipe is good enough to install the system. 
At the lake side of Lake Matsubara in Koumi town, Nagano prefecture, we shot for more than a year through the freezing winter season (minus 20 degrees C), and the terrible heat in the summer without any problem.

A landscape movie filmed by the system shown above for a year. (Converted to 8K from the original 6K)

At the construction site of a villa (Vacation home), shooting during a couple of months. Steel pipes for construction are used to build a mounting system. Three slant pipes and a vertical pipe knock into the ground for 30 - 50cm jointed and coupled with universal joints form this system. Short vertical pipes knock into the ground at the end of the slant pipes are also jointed with universal joints. Normally, the mounting system is prepared by the applicant, as the construction company is willing to set up this simple facility for the applicant. At this shooting site, two systems are installed, and two cameras are working.
A white
tarpaulin on the ground is to cover the rain proof control box (the same as the red one in the below image in the building) for just in case. The picture on the far right is of a regular maintenance.

Shooting the process of the interior finishing work of the office building in the city. If the site is indoor, and the AC power is available, the thing is easy and ready to shoot immediately, as we have developed a very handy controller system. This is the most basic system.

Upgraded to the advanced internet remote control system, which enable us to confirm and download the images at a real-time basis in our office. The internet remote control system is rain- proof, and can be used in the field with the combination of the" Long-term time lapse shooting system with a rain-proof cabinet".
For the very remot palce, or construction site where no AC100V power line is available, we have prepared a solar power system, which can provide enough generating power and charge capacity for the continuous rain weather for a week.

A super compact and light camera system using the "Action camera" (DJI OSMO ACTION). All what is required is to connect the cable to DC 12V power supply. Although the image quality is less than that of those which are taken by other shooting systems which use a full-sized CCD DSLR, for general use it is in 4K and maybe good enough.
* Small and light enough to install anywhere very easily.
* This system runs with a small DC12V power. Using the solar panel power generating system, shooting in the field (where no power line) is possible.
* This system does not have the internet monitoring function. Some risk management work such as visit and confirm the working condition at the site is required during the shooting period. (Although we have not experienced any shooting accident during the shooting period so far, we should prepare any unexpected troubles.)

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