Long-term Time lapse Shooting

Shooting a long-term time lapse movie in a construction site is not easy. A strong resistance against a heavy rain, wind, and change of the temperature is required. Also the solid and ridged physical stability is essential.
The collection and the management of the data, and the maintenance of the equipment are also the keys. Especially if you need to get the high resolution image, the adequate system is needed even if we try to shoot the scene from inside of the building.

Recently, an wearable camera or web camera have gotten very popular, and they can shoot a time lapse video very easily. If the quality you need is good enough with them, we strongly recommend you to do so. With our system, we shoot 4K(or the original size is about 6K) time lapse video using a CANON DSLR to get the best quality that you would never need to hesitate to present to anyone. I f you need such a quality, please call on us.

We have developed a unique shooting system which enables us to shoot a long time time lapse even in the field under the rain. Three methods of watching and confirming the images being taken, as well as collecting the data are available as follows;

(1) In case the internet connection is available at the site, we can watch and confirm the images on a real-time basis, and download them to our server.

(2) In case the internet connection is not available at the site, if it's a within a cellphone coverage area, we can watch and confirm the images on a real-time basis. All the images will be copied and saved in a HDD at the site. (The total file size may reach to a few hundreds giga bytes in a month, so the data file transfer should be limited for the minimum requirement .)

(3) We will collect the image files at the site once in a week or two weeks via USB cable to the PC, for the maintenance as well

The time lapse sequence being collected includes images shot in the morning and the afternoon, sunny day and rainy day, changes of the brightness due to the flow of the clouds in the sky, and this makes it really difficult to get the smooth video if you simply put them in a line for movie play. We have a special experience to process these images in a beautiful smooth movie, using a special software and technique.

Long-term time lapse shooting system with a rain-proof cabinet. It has a ventilator, anti-dew heaters, and timer controllers. AC power is supplied via power line cable . A full-size DSLR and wide angle zoom lens can be installed in the cabinet. (In the above image, CANON EOS6D and EF16-35mm F2.8) Not like a simple wearable camera system, 4K sized high resolution image can be obtained.

This is a case for shooting the neighbor's construction site from a residence. A 50mm diameter steel scaffolding pipe is good enough to install the system. 
At the lake side of Lake Matsubara in Koumi town, Nagano prefecture, we shot for a half year through the freezing winter season (minus 20 degrees C), without any problem. (The above method (3) )

A sample movie taken the system shown above for a half year. (4K)

Shooting the process of the interior finishing work of the office building in the city. If the site is indoor, and the AC power is available, the thing is easy and ready to shoot immediately, as we have developed a very handy controller system. (The above method (3) )

At the above site, shooting with an advanced internet remote control system, which enable us to watch and confirm the images at a real-time basis in our office. (The above method (2) )
The system is rain- proof, and can be used in the field with the combination of the" Long-term time lapse shooting system with a rain-proof cabinet".

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